Ball and player tracking

Ball & Player Tracking

FlightScope solutions are continuously aimed at providing larger amounts of useful information to spectators, players and tournament organizers. The Live Scoring system is signifcantly augmented by our serve speed and trajectory measurement systems and the complex system for mapping and measuring player movement on the Court.
Ball and player tracking

Ball speed and trajectory

At FlightScope, we are constantly working on cost optimization while providing information of the highest quality. For this purpose, we have built a proprietary system for the measurement of ball fight parameters, whose characteristics match the leading solutions available on the market – while ofering a much more cost-efective operation. We are able to precisely draw the trajectory of serve balls and determine the speed for every in-flight moment.
Ball and player heat map

Heat map

The player tracking system covers the speed, most-occupied court areas and movement patterns. The so-called heat maps, encompassing the entire match, provide interesting material for analysis by the fans. The players and coaches, on the other hand, may take advantage of detailed maps covering any part of the match, for example a single rally. In December 2016 the system was approved for tournament use by the ITF.
Ball and player tracking heat map

Virtual Court

the idea

The systems described comprise the broad, continuously developed Virtual Court project – FlightScope's unified installation and interface, which will enable the collection and processing of any information regarding ball and player movement throughout the court. Such data, collected using the highest possible sampling frequency, are capable of revolutionizing the entire concept of statistical measurement in tennis.
Ball and player tracking
Currently, the main focus for collecting and processing information lies in specifc match events, which form the basis for the representation of a given match. FlightScope believes that the process taking place between these events is just as important, because each player has his/her own way of drawing a line from A to B. Thus, we intend to unveil a whole ocean of information and put it at your disposal in order to decipher, for example, the individual strategies employed by the players to solve match situations.
The project was evaluated positively with respect to business rationale and feasibility. Currently, FlightScope is testing various hardware confgurations to achieve maximum precision while retaining the cost efficiency necessary for commercial operation. The next step concerns obtaining the appropriate certifcation for each element of the system, followed by customization in accordance with the FlightScope Approach.