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The FlightScope Approach

At FlightScope, our focus on the development of new technologies which can usher in new value into the world of sport – and their subsequent commercialization and customization. We specialize in designing and implementing long-term system solutions, therefore we account for possible technological development scenarios at the global scale – already at the planning stage.
Flightscopetennis technology

The idea for a new solution is developed by our specialist team until it reaches the prototype stage. At this point we also conduct a system requirements analysis. The prototype is then fitted with a basic interface and tested. Reaching this stage also enables us to present the technology to potential clients.

Opening the customization process requires tapping into the broader potential of FlightScope. The complexity of projects encompassing both hardware and software components means that it is necessary to involve a multidisciplinary team of experts – database and system architecture specialists, front-end and back-end developers, testers, UX specialists and designers. It is at this stage that we create and implement our model of collaboration with the client as well. The Agile workflow enables us to frequently present partial
solutions as well as introduce changes and enhancements in close coordination with the client. The customization stage concludes with tests of both the technical integrity and efficiency of the system architecture, and the functionality of the front-end – aspects which fall under the supervision of our UX specialists and designers. In the years to follow, the product receives our full support, both in terms of servicing and research and development efforts.

General data flow

in FlightScope systems

All information regarding a tennis match is collected by means of our originally-developed devices or by entering data manually in dedicated mobile apps. The data are saved in a central database and then analyzed in our robust management system. At the discretion of system administrators, the processed and visualized data are made available as needed to the competitors, umpires, tournament staff, the on-site spectators and fans worldwide.
User data input

User Data Input

Data gathered by users during a match or in the process of preparation for it.

Sensor data input

Sensor Data Input

Simple and complex camera systems plus various types of radars.

Third party collectors

Third Party Collectors

Data acquired through cooperation with other tournament vendors.

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Database and Data Management

persistent data storage
data processing algorithms
advanced statistics generation
live data distribution

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Desktop software

Introducing powerful data visualization and show production tools.

Mobile Apps

Developing apps dedicated to particular tournaments as well as ofcial ATP/WTA live scoring apps.

Web Portals

Sending data to Tournament, ATP/WTA and ITF servers as an input for other online platforms.


Providing broadcasters with our World Feed Graphics Production or sending raw data for


Producing graphics content designed according to the selected scenario and provided to display operators. We are able to adjust our feeds to any display operator’s standards.

Flightscopetennis technology